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Camellia House first opened its doors on January 26th 1993 (Suffrage year), and since then has had excellent support from the community and public alike.

Although starting in 1993, the idea came about long before then. It came about because of the hard work and commitment of the Palmerston North YWCA and Rape Crisis Collective. 

The house was originally located at Achillies Court, Palmerston North, and has since shifted in 1996 to another secure, private location within the city.

It was these groups who motivated other groups, women, and the Palmerston North City Council to all work together in getting Camellia House open. 

Camellia House has at it's roots, a base line of commitment to young women- providing them with a safe place to live, a safe place to rest, a safe place to explore their lives, to make changes to grow, a safe place from which to move out into the world and if needed, a safe place to return to.


Since Camellia House opened, we have provided accommodation and support for hundreds of women, and continue to work towards our mission "Enabling Women into Independence". 

Camellia House has been home to numerous young women and their children and provides a safe, caring, learning, living environment, offering education programmes and support services. 

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We base our model on 'Te whare tapa whā', focussing on spiritual, mental & emotional, family & social, land & roots, and physical health.

The Camellia House logo with the house image and four overarching roofs signifies this. 

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